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Final Destination 5 actually looks good

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They're bringing back the black guy from 2. Which, IMO, made the movie a lot better. It's looking a little bit less CGI and comical/fantasy deaths.And they are adding a new twist to it. It's looking a lot better than 3, and a shit load better than that crap which was 4.

A tire flying 200 ft in the air? That's was too funny to be real. Someone somehow being pushed by the force of a propane tank through a chain link fence? And a pool pump having enough force to suck someone's intestine through it? These deaths in 4 were way too comical.

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Ugh. I am not a Final Destination fan. I will say this looks a little better than the others...but I am just not a fan!

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Wow. I lost slight enjoyment in the series at 3. Lost complete faith at 4, but this one looks to be good.

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I liked 1 and loved 2. 3 was fairly lame and I never saw 4. Hopefully 5 turns out good because the premise is fun.

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Don't watch 4. It's crap. 2 is by far my favorite. It was the first movie I ever had to look away at a scene. The one with the glass falling on the kid. And I started to hone in on all log trucks and avoid them. I still do.

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