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Four Lions

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1 Four Lions on 2011-07-11, 04:31

Anyone else seen this movie? I highly recommend it. I just watched it on Netflix instant watch. It's a black comedy about Jihadists in England...doesn't sound funny, but it's hilarious.

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2 Re: Four Lions on 2011-07-11, 04:40

It freaking is Very Happy

Quick get the AT4 its a predator Drone

*Fires it backwards* Very Happy

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3 Re: Four Lions on 2011-07-11, 14:08

I love when they're driving to blow themselves up while blasting Dancing in the Moonlight

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4 Re: Four Lions on 2011-07-11, 14:13

I saw the first half hour on netflix and didnt think it was too great. i think i was kinda... tired...

maybe ill give it another try.

Them tojos came at me faster than i could gut 'em ,so i had to gut 'em faster

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5 Re: Four Lions on 2011-07-11, 14:15

The first half hour is slower than the rest of the movie. The last hour or so is the really funny part.

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