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Thanks for the new Naval Strike expansion DICE!

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You fucking stupid worthless Swedish pieces of fucking human shit. Fuck I hate you DICE. You are truly the 2nd shittiest fucking developer on the goddamn planet.

Please God I hope that EA dumps or disbands you and gets a competent dev for the next one because these guys can't program for shit.

This game runs so fucking shitty it's a Goddamn joke. Especially after playing the smooth running Titanfall for 2 weeks.

Ahhh... I feel a little better.

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UPDATE: We wanted to provide more detail about the delay of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike. We have delayed the PC version of Naval Strike because we are concerned that the combination of the pack and planned PC updates would increase performance issues on mid-range to high-end PCs. We are working hard to resolve that issue now. Additionally, we have decided to delay the Xbox One version of Naval Strike because we want to address issues in the animation system that hinder players from engaging targets in set circumstances using popular weapon configurations.

We know that many Battlefield 4 Premium owners wanted to play Naval Strike today. However, we didn’t want to release the new content until we believed it was quality content.

We are trying to resolve these problems as quickly as possible and hope to release the update in early April for Xbox One and PC. We also want to remind Xbox One and PC owners of Battlefield 4 Premium that they will have two weeks early access for Naval Strike once it’s released. Thanks for your continued patience and passion for our games.

And boom.

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Someone said it is like Titan mode but with Aircraft carriers or the space battles from Battlefront 2

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Grey wrote:Boom.

And boom.

So it isn't even out yet for X1 and PC and only released for PS4?

Well I say consider yourself lucky because the maps may be cool but it runs like laggy fucking shit on PS4. However the PS4 version runs worse than the X1 version in general so maybe yours won't be as bad.

I played 2 matches and turned my PS4 back off and went right back to playing a smooth-ass running Titanfall. Fucking DICE.

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