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I think I've sworn off of BF4

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1 I think I've sworn off of BF4 on 2014-03-25, 09:30

It's been well over 4 months since the game released, and it's still a mess apparently.

While I don't think I've completely given up on the game nor the franchise, I find I have absolutely Zero desire to play BF4.

My days have enough drama in them that I don't want to go into a game and get stressed out due to the typical BS that goes on in the game.

I'll likely be on hiatus until further notice in regards to the series, the condition that BF4 launched left a bad taste on my mouth sadly and I fear DICE' reputation is forever tarnished because of EA's typical shenanigans.

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2 Re: I think I've sworn off of BF4 on 2014-03-25, 10:02

I feel the same for the pc version, it runs fine on the Xbox 360 99% of the time although I'm sorta burned out on it.

Good god I've had everything go wring with the game on pc that could possibly GO wring, random crashing, crashing saying my GPU doesn't even have 512mb of vram when the HD7950 has a fat 3gb gddr5 vram, crashing saying Windows is out of 8gb of 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance dual channel ram not good enough? Then their glorious *coughBULLSHITcough* Mantle patch that broke the game to where it wouldn't even load. I had to go back and get the last driver. I'll put half the blame on AMD for that, my next GPU one day will be Nvidia for the better drivers and mostly Shadowplay anyway.

on a slightly brighter note, I've been addicted to Diablo 3 lately Razz

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3 Re: I think I've sworn off of BF4 on 2014-03-25, 13:11

Yeah the 360 version ran perfectly fine for me and the X1 version ran decently as well.

The PS4 version has been a train wreck though. I just downloaded the new patch this morning and the new maps release today.

If I can tear myself away from TitanFall I'll probably give it a try tonight.
...but fuck Titanfall is fun to play.

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