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Xbox One controller

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1 Xbox One controller on 2014-03-20, 23:53

Had to send mine off to be replaced today. RB and down on the d-pad was only working about half the time...made spotting and deploying defensive measures really tough in BF4. Cost me $5 for shipping but otherwise it's a free replacement.

Only shared this because I know a few people had mentioned possibly getting a Xbox One controller for their PC.

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2 Re: Xbox One controller on 2014-03-21, 00:09

My DS4's R2 broke as in you have to push it back up when you pull it down, apparently if you keep using the trigger by pushing the bottom it snaps the hinge off or some BS, Sony fails to recognize it and demands you ship it to them and pay for shipping while they examine it and send you one back in a week or two.. I just bought another controller.

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3 Re: Xbox One controller on 2014-03-21, 06:10

sigh =/ that sucks about the controller....idk if all the hard drive companies are like that, but, western digital wanted me to pay for shipping container, anti static bag, bubble wrap, some type of other container so the hdd sits suspended in air, make sure it fits perfectly inside the box, and then for me to pay shipping to them.....when the fucking hard drive is dead anyway basically. They claim if it arrives messed up they won't give me a replacement but how would they know? The thing is dead anyway...

urgh, just really urked me to have to do all that and pay for shipping because their hdd decided to die. And then they take their time taking 5 or more business days to look over it before approval.

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4 Re: Xbox One controller on 2014-03-21, 10:21

Kind of made me a little mad that I had to pay shipping, IMO they should email me a paid shipping label that I could have just printed and put on a box to ship. Also just remembered my cousin had a bad controller too...the right trigger on his was messed up where it wouldn't fire full auto when held down and sometimes it would fire without even being pressed. I actually decided to order myself a Scuf controller also...I'll keep the original Xbox One controller as a backup/guest controller.

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5 Re: Xbox One controller on 2014-03-24, 21:24

I haven't had any issues with the X1 controller at all, but my DualShock 4's R2 button is whacked out like Chunkys.

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6 Re: Xbox One controller on 2014-03-24, 22:20

One good thing about Hong Kong is that I can just walk into any office and demand my warranty to be fulfilled.

But, I don't get as many product variety as US, or just available a month or so later, or extremely expensive.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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7 Re: Xbox One controller on 2014-03-24, 23:41

Metalzoic wrote:I haven't had any issues with the X1 controller at all, but my DualShock 4's R2 button is whacked out like Chunkys.

I am very careful with how i use the new one i got now i just try to grab the top instead of using the bottom part, response definitely doesn't feel as fast though..

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8 Re: Xbox One controller on 2014-03-25, 00:21

It isn't just us, it's a pretty standard failing PS4 part. A lot of people also have the stuck rubbers wearing out (heh...)

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