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Router won't let me forward anymore ports after 20.

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So over time various games, the latest being Max Payne 3 for some reason, won't work right without forwarding ports. Among others being Arma 3, Starbound, Splinter Cell, GTA 5,etc. Some games end up using the same ports as others like 443 seems common,etc.

well, my netgear router I got in 2009 (after having lots of problems getting Halo 3 to work with an old LinkSys router...) and it always worked fine so I never bothered getting another but do modern routers let you forward more than only 20 measly ports? I imagine it's because my router barely has any memory...can't find too much online but apparently mine only has 16kb of memory

thinking about getting that one, 128mb ram, 128mb of flạsh in the new v2 version

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