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I need music

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1 I need music on 2014-03-14, 10:36

What's a good site to use for some music? Not really looking for any certain type of music, but just in general.

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2 Re: I need music on 2014-03-14, 13:13

Like to stream? or download? Or torrent? is good for streaming and discovering new artists. You can filter by genre and stuff like that. Has lots of great torrents of stuff that can be hard to find or isn't super well known. Mostly heavy music but there's other stuff on there too.

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3 Re: I need music on 2014-03-14, 13:28

I've discovered some great music through

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4 Re: I need music on 2014-03-14, 13:41

Download/Torrent. Looking for a variation of music types.

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5 Re: I need music on 2014-03-14, 15:36

What Chewy said.

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6 Re: I need music on 2014-03-14, 16:14

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7 Re: I need music on 2014-03-14, 19:27

you can use or spotify to find related artists to the ones you like and then use mediafire to download the whole album in a .zip file, then just unzip to your chosen location and add them to whatever music player library Razz

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