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My name is DL and yes I play Ghosts

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HA. I enjoy it though. A lot of COD people hate it but I likes it.

THe wife and kids where out of town this weekend and I was tempted to go buy BF4. Not that ANYBODY here seems to be on the xbox anymore.

Crap I play with Tex's old clan the AGA now.

I miss you fuckers!

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I'd play Xbox, but I only have a 360, and no internet connection for it as I have the old Arcade model. Beyond that though, I don't have Ghosts or BF4. Further more, I work Monday through Wednesday 4 PM until I get done, which is usually like 2 or later. Thursday's I work 3 PM until we get done, and well that's usually before 10 PM, but that's the first night I can see the woman again after the weekend, and well those days are usually spent with her. In other words, I'd play, but I won't.

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I dont have good enough internet or gold anymore DL ... or I would play the crap out of extinction with you and jr on the 360

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Shit I haven't picked a controller in ....fuck almost 2 years.

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I play bf4 almost every day Razz lvl 51 now I think

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I played BF3 again for the first time in like 5 months.

It was alright I guess, still have the magic touch.

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ermahgerd dergenlerd etc etc.

whats the haps?

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Live expired,,,

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Hey DL!

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I play Ghosts!

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