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Here you go Kalei

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2 Re: Here you go Kalei on 2014-02-28, 10:04

Way to go and post a broken link. Either that or my internet knows it's something completely Frost-like and won't load it.

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3 Re: Here you go Kalei on 2014-02-28, 16:13

Maybe because it links to an Australian University



The pineapple was originally from Brazil (though there are different varieties from elsewhere). The pineapple was spread by natives around South America and eventually to the Caribbean and the Indies – which is where the famous Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1493 and brought it home to Europe.

The pineapple did not make it to England until the 1600s, and it became a HIT in the 1700s. Everything was made in pineapple shapes and painted with pineapples. It was THE status symbol! – If you had a pineapple under your arm in the 1700s… WELL, you were just the richest, coolest kid on the block. I am speaking literally though. People quite seriously took a pineapple to parties to show off, carrying it around for weeks until the pineapple started rot. You could even rent a pineapple for an evening.

Pineapples were expensive too. They cost about 5000 pounds each (around $8000AUD) by today’s standards – OR the cost of a new coach. You can just picture an 18th century gentleman weighing it up:

“new coach… or pineapple… hmm”.

Initially you had to grow them yourself, but this was a very difficult and expensive endeavour in an English climate. The pineapples would be grown in hot pits and boys would be payed to sit and sleep in them – just in case the pit caught on fire.

The Flesh Eating Pineapple

Despite eating your mouth, bromelain has become recognised for its health benefits and is useful in medical treatments for a number of ailments and diseases. For starters it is part of an approved treatment for inflammation and swelling, particularly after surgery and it has been proposed for treating a number of other inflammation based disorders including osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases and viral infections. It is also useful for removing damaged and infected tissues from burn wounds.

More recent research has pointed at its potential use in cancer treatments. A few preclinical studies (that is; early research not yet tested in humans) have indicated that it has antitumor properties and, for instance has been found to stimulate death of breast and ovarian cancer cells. One study tested the effects of bromelain on breast cancer and found evidence that women who were given bromelain (just swallowed) started producing cells that targeted and killed breast cancer cells.

However, more study in humans and on how to apply treatments will need to be conducted before bromelain can be applied to cancer treatments.

Moral of the story: Eat pineapple!

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4 Re: Here you go Kalei on 2014-02-28, 16:34

Yeah I'm not reading all of that.

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5 Re: Here you go Kalei on 2014-02-28, 16:36

Captain Pirate Pineapple wrote:Yeah I'm not reading all of that.

Swallowing Pineapple can help cure Ovarian and Breast cancer

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6 Re: Here you go Kalei on 2014-02-28, 19:50

So what you're saying is that I'm a cure for cancer with the ladies...... WIN!

The line for the hot ladies forms to the left.

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7 Re: Here you go Kalei on 2014-02-28, 19:55

Captain Pirate Pineapple wrote:So what you're saying is that I'm a cure for cancer with the ladies...... WIN!

The line for the hot ladies forms to the left.

Pineapples were also a Status Symbol in Victorian England

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8 Re: Here you go Kalei on 2014-03-01, 13:13

More win for me!

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