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FFXIV PS4 beta is out.

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1 FFXIV PS4 beta is out. on 2014-02-22, 17:11

10.6GB download, didn't realize it came out today just looked it up and BAM.

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2 Re: FFXIV PS4 beta is out. on 2014-02-23, 23:22

After playing it for a few hours i can definitely see putting lots and lots more into it.

I am really surprised with how beautiful and how smooth it runs on the PS4. The beta servers are pretty loaded and being in the starter areas with fields of enemies where people are firing off a bunch of attacks which are very nicely animated and it doesn't even see like the frame rate drops for a second, even in main towns with tons of players it doesn't feel like anything affects it, or i havn't run into it yet.

Also i am really surprised with how easy this game is to play with the controller, it takes some getting use to the map and menu switching and such but the combat is just so smooth and easily accessible with it.

EDIT: Neat article comparing PC and PS4 graphics.

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3 Re: FFXIV PS4 beta is out. on 2014-02-23, 23:36

Im sick of this FF14 Gil bullshit! Very Happy

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4 Re: FFXIV PS4 beta is out. on 2014-03-06, 00:58

New article comparing the graphics without using stream footage.. If anyone actually cares Razz


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