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Skyrim mods for Soapy

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1 Skyrim mods for Soapy on 2014-02-17, 22:46

As promised here's a list of cool mods I run.

So first things first. You're probably going to want to download nexus mod manager if you're going to run a lot of mods.

You'll also find awesomer mods on the skyrim nexus than the ones that are offered on steam.

You'll also probably want BOSS. It'll configure your load order mostly properly and detect any conflicts or incompatabilities. Once you get a lot of mods going this is pretty damn handy.

This is a pretty good tutorial to get you started using the Nexus Mod Manager and BOSS.

So Now it's time for some mods.

I have a lot of texture mods because I have a pretty beefy system but I'm guessing your laptop isn't so beefy so I'll omit most of the ones I run.

One you might want to check out is the high res texture pack from bethesda themselves. I think that one is on steam. It'll make things a bit prettier for you if your system can handle it.

Here's an unofficial patch that fixes a lot of stuff.

there's also patches for each of the DLC modules if you eventually get those be sure to get those patches as well.

You're also going to absolutely need SKYUI for some of these mods to work so go and get that. Makes the menus better for mouse navigation anyway so it's win win. SKYUI

You might also need the script extender for some of these too so go and get that.

This one overhauls lighting weather and sounds. Not sure if the lighting would affect your system too much but you can try it out. Climates of Tamriel

This one adds a shit ton of craftable swords and daggers and things to the game. JaySuS Swords

This one is cool. Adds hypothermia and camping to the game so you can be a real survivalist. Frostfall

This one goes well with Frostfall I find. It's a hunting mod that expands on vanilla hunting so you can be a ranger type character living off the land. Hunterborn

Here are two cloak mods to help fight the cold that Frostfall adds. Cloaks of skyrim
Winter is Coming

This adds a bunch of new craftable armor styles to the game. Immersive Armors

This adds a bunch of new craftable weapon styles to the game. Immersive Weapons

More weapons and weapon types! Heavy Armory

This is pretty cool. Adds pouches and bandoliers that will increase your carry capacity. Bandolier

This goes well with Frostfall as well for increased immersion. Adds realistic needs for drinking and eating and diseases will really fuck you up now. If you don't eat or drink you die. Realistic Needs and Diseases

This is a magic system overhaul if you want to play a magic character. Apocalypse Spell Package.

This is a total game overhaul that changes just about everything. Combat, Damages, Perk Tree...If you're looking for a very different skyrim experience this is the mod to get. Skyrim Redone.

That should get you started. There's tons more single weapon and armor packs on the nexus just browse for stuff that looks cool to you.

I listed the main game changing mods.

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