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How can I use Skype while playing games?

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Stupid question I know, but I am still new to this PC SHIT

But I skype with my GF every night, and I want to play Skyrim right now. How can I have the video chat open and in a tiny inch screen or so while play? I have seen it doen, just don;t know hwo

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all I can think to do is put skyrim in windowed mode and stretch it to where you can see your GF on skype as well

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Skype can run in the background. Whats on your screen doesn't translate to what she sees. So like this:
>set skyrim to windowed mode
>call her up and video chat
>position the mini-skype overlay to wherever you want.

basically, everything that your camera sees is what she'll be getting, and skype will automatically set up a small window with her video transmitting as soon as you minimize skype.

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Thats what I was looking for guys. We skyped for four hours, and I was playing Skyrim the whole time.


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