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Alright now....

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1 Alright now.... on 2014-02-15, 03:45

.....This is a pretty serious one.

My best friend, who I've know since like 5th grade, been really close with him and his whole family, well his grandma passed away earlier. I have since moved like 800 miles away (do that conversion for you other people), and I feel kind of helpless. The funeral is Wednesday, and I want to go. I just started a new job about 3 weeks ago, and well it's a bit rough to ask off for someone that's technically not immediate family, but yeah. Still ask off anyway, or a if I can find someone, that's able to make it, to go for me, and be alright with that? I don't know how much plane tickets are yet, but the cost would be covered for that no matter what, as well as pick up/rooms/whatever.

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2 Re: Alright now.... on 2014-02-15, 04:10

You should say what state it is in man

So if someone here can go for you it might be easier if they are close

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3 Re: Alright now.... on 2014-02-15, 11:09

It would be Pennsylvania.

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4 Re: Alright now.... on 2014-02-16, 19:40

idk what to say, that's a terrible circumstance. Stay tough man.

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