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What does that word mean:Petrichor

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1 What does that word mean:Petrichor on 2014-02-13, 20:47

Lets go bastardos!

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Greg should have this easy.

ichor is used in words that describe natural smells. Petr- would refer to the ground, from petros. Smell of earth most likely.

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Something to do with bacteria? Maybe? I don't know.

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A dance done by native Peruvians involving a barrel full of limes and a pitching wedge.

I wish I had spent more of my youth popping sick-ass ninety-day wheelies.

You in fact feel flowing and you truthfully desire to speak. I know the final obsession you wish for to do is remain at the clinic or at residence you want to get out and speak.  Like a Star @ heaven - Giles12
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Its the smell of dirt or dust after rain Very Happy

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