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PC repair

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1 PC repair on 2014-02-08, 03:10

Well as some of you know I've been out of work since last I decided earlier this week to start up a PC repair shop to have some income while I'm still between jobs. Had been thinking about it for a while, but had a friend that needed pc work done last week and I fixed it for her and that made me decide to go ahead with it.  I created a Facebook page for it earlier and would appreciate anyone here that is on Facebook to give the page a like.

page link

Also my personal page if anyone want to add me on it too.

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2 Re: PC repair on 2014-02-08, 11:11

Do you fix them with a .45?
That's how I "fixed" mine.

Also good luck with it and with finding good work man.

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3 Re: PC repair on 2014-02-08, 12:59

I've been tempted to a few times, and actually I do have a small stack of bad hard drives I've replaced that I plan on destroying that way. Actually it'll be a mixture of rounds...probably some .223 from my AR, and some 9mm and .45.

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4 Re: PC repair on 2014-02-08, 13:04

Nice. Throw a printer in there and you should have a good time.

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5 Re: PC repair on 2014-02-08, 23:14

Fucking printers man.

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