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Don't know if the mantle patch helped or overclocking but no more low fps drops

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did a mild 4.2ghz overclock on my i5 and bf4 paracel storm stays at about 60fps 1080p ultra now, no more dips into the 30s, I have yet to try that damn guilin peaks map where I dipped into the 20s though >_>

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maybe i'll reinstall bf4 and pick up premium and we can chump em.

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I'd potentially get in on this chumping as well.

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I'm not sure if the numbers are wring, but that's insane. Just scroll down to the benchmark in 720p and 1080p. It seems weird that there's only a 3-4 FPS difference between both resolutions, but that's a crazy performance difference between Mantle and DX.

I'm still waiting for Anandtech's review. They had a preview today and the results were quite different:

I'm fine with something like a 30% performance increase with mantle, any extra would just be crazy.

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can't play it, as soon as I get in a match or even campaign it instantly freezes and says bf4 has stopped responding, went back to my old drivers that were working a few days ago...I don't think the install is fried, I think the mantle update itself to bf4 is fucked up, many others on the battlelog forum are also having crashing

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That's why I always wait for people to beta test drivers for me. Wait at least a couple of weeks to see if there are any issues, always works.

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