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The Battlefield 4 patch with Mantle support was just released. Unfortunately, AMD does not have a driver ready today.

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maybe my fps will be better...I really wasn't looking forward to finicking with overclocking right now

7000 series and APU will be supported as well

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You can't play because of the drivers.

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He can play, just not with the extra performance that Mantle should deliver. And it's actually bad for you too, Metal. Mantle should help with overall development, consoles included.

What card do you have Jr? I'm not sure about getting an AMD one, Mantle has yet to be used widely.

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hd7950, way back I was going to get the 660ti when I built my pc but the 7950 came with some games Razz

besides metro last light having some graphical glitches, and Borderlands 2 having to be played on medium , I never had a problem maxing out any game. In the new series, it should of been the r9 280 but I've only ever seen the 280x for sale, which is the rebadged 7970ghz

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Well, many of the R9 series cards are rebranded 7000 I think. It's not as if they are putting extra wortk for it.

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What's Mantle? Some server-side netcode thingywhatsit?

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Just read their news brief on it. PC only, no improvements for console.

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Not yet. PC tech always trickles down to consoles. It'll probably be a part of the next gen.

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Not server side. If it was some server side tech, it would be sold to retards as POWAH OF DA CLOUDZ Laughing

If it's adopted enough, it should help consoles indirectly at least since all of them use AMD chips, or at the very least the PS4, since Microsoft may not want to allow Mantle because reasons (DirectX). Anyway, developers may have an easier time porting shit between platforms, and getting extra performance out of games that use it.

Can't say for sure, but some developers did report performance gains.

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Ante wrote:Not yet. PC tech always trickles down to consoles. It'll probably be a part of the next gen.


In like 20 years.

They have made SUCH a good machine for this gen that they are very confident that it will last for generations.



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