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Massive patch and rebalancing incoming for BF4. Also player appreciation month through February

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I don't doubt DICE will find a way to fuck up the game even further, but hopefully this patch finally fixes some shit.

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Wasn't there one that was supposed to have fixed a bunch of stuff already?

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Kind of. But the biggest fix (the OHK bug) they had to roll back shortly after because it broke the game even more in other places. I'm honestly not sure what the state of the game is right now, as I uninstalled BF4 weeks ago. I'm more than willing to get back into it if DICE steps up their game...

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Good news. Thanks Ante.
Hopefully they do more to stabilize the PS4 version because it runs like poop right now.

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Yeah this game has been such a clusterfuck. I don't even know if I'll get the next BF. I've barely played this one.

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it's the only game I've been playing lately haha...lost interest in playing my backlog >_>

maybe the mantle update will give me better fps...I've wanted to pull my hair out on youtube seeing people with i3 cpus and worse gpus than wayyy worse getting the same fps as me. Maybe it's cuz I don't have windows 8 >_>. On Guilin Peaks for example the china rising jungle map, I get dips into the 20s on ultra

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I think you need a R9xx series AMD card to take advantage of mantle. I don't think it works with 7000 series cards.

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