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Well my laptop is on its last legs, so im getting a new one....

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This is like 4th haha?

Friend is selling me this for 175 bucks.

Still runs like new, and up until 2-3 weeks ago he was using it daily to play BF4.

Only reason he got a new one was because he was hit crossing the street a few months ago, insurance found it was the drivers fault, so he got a large settlement and bought a brand new gaming laptop.

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5870 for it's time was pretty you can play pc games with us soapy Very Happy

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worth. if you weren't getting it, I'd ask for his email and buy it myself.

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I'll give him 200 for it.

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noice! Join us Soap!

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jk that's pretty dope. play vidya with us soap.

*insert glorious pc master race flamebait here*

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chunckylover53 wrote:369

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Hah, it can only run BF4 on high I believe he said, with slight lag and frame drops when it gets beyond hectic. But it can be upgraded from what I have been reading. So if I can do it cheap, might add another 2 gigs of Ram to it.

I am mostly going to use it for SP games like Fallout and Skyrim to be honest. Well actually going to be using it mostly to talk to my girlfriend and watch netflix. But gamings a close second on it

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