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This game looks great (Kingdom Come:Deliverance)

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The realistic medieval setting doesn't do it for me.
I'm sure the Ren-fair types will really be interested. They really need to speed it up, all the animations look a bit plodding. Like they mo-capped 90 year olds.

Looks like they are shooting for quite a bit of variety though.

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Yeah, saw it today. I'll keep an eye on it, see how it goes.

And I just discovered that CryEngine 3 can be used for free for non-commercial/studying. I'll have to try that after Unity.

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he said they're combining skyrim, dark souls, and mount and blade, which is something I've wanted for a pretty long time.

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Now for some other combinations

Civilization+Sci Fi Space Theme

Skyrim/Fallout+Sci Fi Space Theme

Mount & Blade+Warhammer 40k

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