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Achievement hunting in Civ 5 is proving to be quit the process...

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As of tonight's space victory with Poland, I am at 59/287... almost there...

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Yeah you pretty much have to do every victory type with a bunch of the civ's...maybe all of them? and there are some other ones not related to that too.

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all civs, major map types and sizes, victory types, difficulties, speeds, certain victory types with certain civs... and then the scenarios. oh god the scenarios.

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Yeah...I'm not even bothering with trying to do specific stuff. I just play and I'll get whatever I get.

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Yeah that was my motto for a while. I'm trying to step up my game though and i figure trying for as many achievements as possible will help me get better.

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Nah fuck the achievements in Civ 5 there are too many

Xcom is what I am trying to do at the moment

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Just got Master of the Universe few days ago (win with all civs), but I have not touched most of the scenarios. I might try to go for that someday, but I think Civ6 will come out by then. LoL

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