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Re4 getting second pc port

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1 Re4 getting second pc port on 2014-01-21, 18:25

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition is launching on Steam in a little more than a month. It'll have all the content from all the previous releases, some minor visual touch-ups, and all the Steam integration you could ask for. Presumably, unlike the first PC port, it'll also have a lighting engine and playable mouse controls.

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2 Re: Re4 getting second pc port on 2014-01-21, 22:35

Another backlog to my steam account.

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3 Re: Re4 getting second pc port on 2014-01-22, 01:13

oh my god....even though I've beaten it back when it came out on GameCube at a friend's place (damn fun times...escaped a weekend there), then when it came out on PS2 I went home early from school that day to play it, then got it shortly after it came out on Xbox 360, now I'll have to get it on PC

keep hearing ubisoft really fucked up the original port back in 2007 or whenever it came out.

>__> I'll only get it if there's full controller support, playing Resident Evil with a mouse/KB just feels wring to me lol. RE5 with controller on steam is decent and looks good on ultra even though it's only DX10 mode they had back then.....good times with RE5, I liked it MUCH better than RE6

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