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What is your BF4 fps using the ingame counter?

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in the console command you type

Show FPS = perfoverlay.drawfps true

my i5 3570k and hd7950 dip down into the 40s, the same as plenty of youtube videos of i3s and lesser GPUs like the gtx660,etc. on ultra 1080p

are you telling me that a dual core is as good as my cpu? >_> even the AMD cheap 8 core 8320 or 6 core fx 6300 get about the same fps.

I thought bf4 was supposed to be such cpu dependent?

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I am always locked at 60fps unless I am in a smoke cloud where it drops down to 40 for a few seconds. I also have everything on max besides msaa which is only at 2x.

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on the new Guilin Peak jungle map I dip down into pretty much constant 31fps, sometimes 28fps on ultra...must be unoptimized. I'm going to look for vids of an i3 playing this map and AMD cpus and if they do better than the i5 I'm getting them lol.

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Frame varies a bit on SLi 780ti. It does drop a little low at times, but I am using shadowplay to record onto non-SSD drive, which might be causing some slow downs.

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