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BF4 glitch, crashes if you alt-tab out of it

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Every time I alt-tab out of game in progress, it'll crash telling me not enough GPU memory, apparently direct x doesn't think I even have 512mb when I have 3gb ddr5.

Searching online, others have this issue,but nobody ever found a concrete solution.

Some said to make sure to run the 64bit .exe file, which I thought origin does out of default? Anyway, I saved the 64bit shortcut on desktop to use, have yet to see if it freezes with 64bit shortcut

With only chrome with two tabs open, I'm using 4gb of ram...don't know why the hell it's so high,sometimes during bf4 windows tells me it's low on memory. I have 8gb ram ddr3 1600mhz total.

Scanned and no virus/malware. Used ADWcleaner and Malwarebytes.

Even with the problems, I've had alot of fun chumping people in deathmatch. I think that's all I can bear to play with randoms Razz

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I alt+tab out quite often, whether intentional or unintentional, and did not experience any crashes due to this.

BF4 did used to have memory bleeding problems in windows 8.1, but last patch should have had it addressed.

Also, digging through forums in other languages, they say that setting region locale to US helps to resolve directX issues (if you happen to use system locale for some other purposes and switches previously, or you just live in English speaking non-US country).

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Hmmm what do you know I still read your posts in a NZ accent Tapia Very Happy

Even after you tried to infect me with your filthy americanitis Very Happy

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