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Question for more tech savvy people

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So I eventually want to upgrade my monitor. The one I've got is getting on in its age, but I have no idea what kind of monitor will be good for higher end graphics cards.

That said, brands I'm looking to stick with is either HP or Samsung (though I'm open to others if they're better quality)

Does anyone have some suggestions on what I should be looking for in a good monitor? I think the one I have right now, in terms of size, is 29" so I'd like to stick within that realm if not a little bigger.

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Current feeling is FUCK HP! Very Happy

My new laptop has a design problem with the Wifi card and it drops to freaking 2 Down 0.1 Up all the freaking time

Despite getting numerous complaints from multiple people HP still plays dumb

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HP is shit, period. They are like Microsoft, but instead of being mediocre, they are just complete and total shit.

I've heard that Dell monitors are pretty damn good though.

Just buy a Sony 50" LED TV Very Happy

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Well what kind of monitor are you looking for? IPS, 1440p, 120Hz? There are a ton of different options out there. If you are looking for a good 1080p monitor dell has some of the best.

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yeah are you just looking for 1080p? I like Asus monitors Razz

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Samsung is a great company to go to for monitors. I have one of the TV/Monitor hybrids, it works like a dream.

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I've been using Viewsonic products for a VERY long time. But I will be getting ASUS's G-Sync 144hz 1080p or 1440p monitor when it becomes available in Hong Kong. Gonna cost as much as a graphics card, though.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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I don't care for more than 60hz, but, getting a high resolution monitor in the future would be cool, probably will wait until 4k monitors are pretty cheap

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