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Ante, Terraria and Starbound

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1 Ante, Terraria and Starbound on 2014-01-18, 19:19

Question is for anybody, but I know Ante has played both: How similar is Starbound to Terraria?

I've been playing Terraria on the Vita and it has me hooked. I don't know how many 10's of hours I have logged on it, but it just keeps expanding with more content (and the 1.2 patch isn't even out for it yet which I hear doubles how deep the game is). I don't know what it is, but I love it.

Is Starbound supposed to be this deep, with this little hand-holding, exploration and content? Or is it quite a bit different?

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2 Re: Ante, Terraria and Starbound on 2014-01-18, 19:24

Mechanically, they're almost identical. As far as depth goes, Terraria is a kiddie pool and Starbound is the Pacific Ocean.

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3 Re: Ante, Terraria and Starbound on 2014-01-18, 19:36

Holy shit, Starbound is that big? I started messing around in Terraria but have yet to continue. Still, it appears to be massive.

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4 Re: Ante, Terraria and Starbound on 2014-01-18, 22:19

Super Sweet.

I just remember Jr. saying he beat Starbound in a few days so I was thinking it may be less.

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5 Re: Ante, Terraria and Starbound on 2014-01-18, 22:24

yeah when it came out I beat the first 4 bosses and haven't played since then, idk if they've added more or what. They needed to add where we can customize the space ship and make it bigger, I ended up making most of mine just storage containers. It was pretty cool. Bosses and any enemy is extremely easy though, all you have to do is "block" them in by placing blocks so they can't go anywhere basically

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6 Re: Ante, Terraria and Starbound on 2014-01-18, 22:39

jr, the game has been patched about 5 times since you last played it judging by what you posted. bosses break blocks to get to you now, and you can make entirely custom ships. There's also mechs and other vehicles and a bunch of other stuff too.

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