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PC monitor just died

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1 PC monitor just died on 2014-01-15, 13:35

My 25" monitor died on me this morning, I believe it's either the power supply board on it or the capacitors. Had this monitor for several years and it's been a good one, might look at getting the parts to repair it, but if anyone see a good deal on monitors let me know...I'd like to have one close to the same size as my old one.
BTW, posting on here from a phone sucks.

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2 Re: PC monitor just died on 2014-01-15, 16:13

Mom works retail for a Electronics store so when NZ upgraded its TV signal to digital a whole bunch of people traded their old TVs in that could not get digital signals

Anyway since most of those traded in TVs could not be resold they were going to the Dump so my Mums boss gave her a couple

Got some nice big new monitors out of that Very Happy

Also im sorry for your loss Bama Very Happy

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5 Re: PC monitor just died on 2014-01-16, 14:11

Thanks, I just ordered the BenQ one, I have one of those(I think the same model #) that I keep at a friends house for weekend gaming, since several friends get together over at his house just about every weekend.

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6 Re: PC monitor just died on 2014-01-16, 19:14

I had a benq many years ago, three replacements actually. Screen used to deteriorate and turn green/blue. Was supposingly a known fault with the model I had

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7 Re: PC monitor just died on 2014-01-16, 22:07

I heard they were supposedly the best in monitors, the MLG uses them, for what that's worth lol

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