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[PC] Installing Windows 8.1 today

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1 [PC] Installing Windows 8.1 today on 2014-01-12, 23:40

I am finally going to jump onto windows 8 after all this time of refusing to install it on my main machine.

Hopefully this will not drive me mad. LoL

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8.1 isn't bad but I still prefer 7

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I didnt even download 8.1

Im just using Win 8 not as bad as I thought it would be

I still hate the lack of Start button though but cannot be bothered installing a mod for that

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Alright, I am back from installing, configuring, and testing a bunch of things.

One of the main reason why I decided to install 8.1, to minimize issues with BF4, is somewhat successful. At least ALL STUTTERINGS ARE GONE, in any shape or form. So I guess I can confirm that windows 8 or 8.1 is the solution for stuttering issues if you are currently running other OS. But, another problem(?) has risen in that the matchmaking seems to force me to only join ONE server and thats it. If that server is full, I cant use matchmaking (its still useless as matchmaking if it only looks at one server). But this may tie in with unfortunate coincidental update to the game that might have restricted matchmaking parameters. Not sure.

Anyway, enough of BF4. Windows loading is significantly faster now, along with the fact that overall operation seems to be more smooth compared to even Windows 7 (not that my machine had any hardware difficulties to run anyway).

I ABSOLUTELY HATE METRO UI. Whoever made design decision on Windows 8 probably had two beta testers, one with tablet and one with regular com, and if there was any conflict between the two party's interest, design decision was made favoring tablet user. That stupid "start button" in the corner of my desktop is not what us PC users wanted when we asked for start menu to be back. Flippin eh~

I am forcing myself to get used to metro ui for now, and refraining from installing start menu programs. But even if I get used to it, I don't think I will like it. I am not sure whether I can make it until then, though. LoL

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yeah my laptop has 8.1 and I hate the start menu, I'm honestly thinking of installing a start screen fix/mod but I heard the free ones are kinda bleh and only stuff on the surface. One for 5 bucks I saw teksyndicate review on youtube seems to actually go deeper in, basically making it windows 7

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My mother was complaining the other day about windows 8 metro ui, so I just went ahead and bought a 5 pack startisback.

Starisback is probably going to be my Windows 8 saver, as it literally made the bloody thing usable without any headaches.

The only problem I have with Windows 8.1 now is that it is EXTREMELY annoying to recover from game crashes, since the screen will not show correctly, as in still stuck in fullscreen with no screen, so I have to completely log out and log back in for many many cases. FONV being the main culprit for this, though, which is very much expected.

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