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[BF3] Went back and tried to play on console again with a friend

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Nope, can't do it. After almost 3 years of not touching a single console FPS, the controls feel so incredibly sluggish and awkward.

I couldn't do shit. I was missing easy to kill targets, went 16-36. I was absolutely garbage at the game.

Granted I was using an RPK-74 on Noshar Canals, I fucking hated the game. Was so infuriating, it's like I was relearning everything there was to learn about playing an FPS again.

I don't know how the hell I did it back in the day, the lack of precision with the analog sticks is what's really throwing me off.

Now I know how all you console folks felt when coming to PC. Jesus fucking christ man it was a nightmare.

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I told you it was hard as hell lol....and even worse I had my dpi set wayyyyy too high lmao.

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I went from PC to console (BC2 days with you guys) and back to PC (BF3 onwards). The horror. LoL

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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I still play BF3 on the 360 on the weekends with a couple friends that haven't got BF4 or a X1 yet and it was extremely easy this past weekend, played mainly rush with a few rounds of conquest and TDM mixed in. I remember one match defending on Kharg Island where the enemy team was horrible, I picked off 2 snipers at around 75 yards with the sg553 while they were sniping at me and they never hit me once. I also know I saw the Heli and Jet probably crash a total of 10-12 times and they never took a single M-com.

Also had one match where my entire squad(Myself, Gray Jedi, and sly8) went a perfect 28-0 attacking on Metro, I was using the JNG90 the whole round and its rare that I snipe on that level and when I do it's usually with a linked below.

My stats from the night:

Time - 4:00:10
Score - 136 500
SPM - 568.355
Kills - 235
Deaths - 42(4 were c4 suicides taking out armor)
KDr - 5.595
Wins - 17
Losses -  0( I did quit out of one that my team eventually lost)

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And here you guys are talking about how good the players are on PC lol

Get on my level!


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