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My brain is a pile of spaghetti

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1 My brain is a pile of spaghetti on 2014-01-08, 13:27

I'm in Belgrade right now. I set flight yetserday at nearly 7pm. I had been awake form 9am. I'm gonna keep being awake here, until its actual bedtime. On a 13 hour flight, I just had to be jammed in the row just behind the bathrooms. Because when you're 6'2", one fooot of leg room is enough, yeaeh? And hey, whats more fun than having a fuckingg toddler, wailing its head off akk flight in the seat behind you. I'm living the fucking dream right now, running off of 3 espressos, 2 red bulls, 5 cokes and pure unaduterated fuckital. Sleep is a distant memory. Tell my dreams I loved them. I go now into the great beyonder of serbia. Let the sleep gods take me into their warm, pilowy busom.

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I just caught something about warm pillowy bossum.

My brain is made up of alcohol and well vagina is all I think of.

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I had a 13 hour flight where some baby cried and screamed for about 4 hours.

Then I had to try and sleep in Detroit's airport for about 12 hours.


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Go to sleep bad shit always happens when Eastern Europeans stay awake too long

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eh I'd say fuck it and just sleep anyway lol. Razz

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Forget sleep! There's drinking and fucking to be done. It's why my ass is getting up and getting ready to do both!

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Captain Pirate Pineapple wrote:Forget sleep! There's drinking and fucking to be done. It's why my ass is getting up and getting ready to do both!

Your Ass is getting ready for a fucking? Very Happy

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pop a molly then you'll be sweatin WOOOOOO Razz

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Jr does have a point here.

I wish I had spent more of my youth popping sick-ass ninety-day wheelies.

You in fact feel flowing and you truthfully desire to speak. I know the final obsession you wish for to do is remain at the clinic or at residence you want to get out and speak.  Like a Star @ heaven - Giles12
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