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[BF4] Game pad compatability?

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1 [BF4] Game pad compatability? on 2014-01-07, 23:02

I'm trying to get my PS3 controller to work with the game so that I can use it to fly aircraft. For the most part I am able to bind everything that I need in game...except for one very very important thing.

The ability to throttle up and throttle down. For whatever reason, BF4 does NOT allow me to bind both, even to separate keys. I've tried everything that i can think of so far.

Binding throttle controls to L1/R1 to accelerate/decelerate respectively, I've tried binding it to the "Y" axis of my left thumb stick.

You can ONLY throttle down, and when you do so, it freezes all your controls, you can't turn, you can't pitch or roll.

I'm at a loss here, is there any way to get this work? I've noticed issues like this with Joystick support as well, there is not "pressure" sensitivity when it comes to acceleration in vehicles for BF4 on PC, it's either you're hitting the gas or you're not.

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2 Re: [BF4] Game pad compatability? on 2014-01-07, 23:09

Have you tried editing bind settings using BF4 Settings Editor? Not sure if it will make it work or not, but at least you are by-pasing in-game to edit config directly, which might help.

I tried using 360 pad for flying for a little bit, but I am back to KBM as I did not see much benefit in using a pad. Plus the minor inconvenience of having to pick up and put down a pad whenever necessary.

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3 Re: [BF4] Game pad compatability? on 2014-01-07, 23:29

Funny how to linked that program Storm, since I just downloaded it, but wasn't sure if it was any good.

I don't mind picking up the game pad since it's literally right next to me, and if it makes me a better pilot, I would rather use it (I have extremely limited space on my desk to keep picking up the mouse to roll and do certain maneuvers)

the pad I'm hoping will give me some consistency in my controls so that I can keep doing more elaborate flying moves than what I can do on with my mouse.

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4 Re: [BF4] Game pad compatability? on 2014-01-07, 23:56

I found that space bar pitching completely solved my problem with wrist breaking mouse movements. So there are not many reasons to use pad over KBM at the moment unless I want variable throttling. But I think the old burn and stop works just fine for turn fighting, as I think I am getting more and more used to jet flying once again. Of course, variable throttling might do even better job, but it is not likely that I will fight against that many pilots that I absolutely need pad to win, or the fact that jets are greatly nerfed that its not that effective to stay on it long. A great way to destroy your SPM in BF4 is to fly jets. LoL

Helo is way easier for me to fly KBM so its irrelevant for me there.

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5 Re: [BF4] Game pad compatability? on 2014-01-07, 23:58

I sorta got used to kbm for chopper but I'd need controller for sure for jet lol. I noticed that problem as well that there seems to be no pressure sensitive buttons on pc, it's either full speed or nothing

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