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[BF4] So what's improved and what hasn't?

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Storm tells me that the game has come a long ways from the suck fest that it was at launch (Though apparently it also still has a long way to go)

For those who are still playing (I'm on hiatus until more things get fixed) I'm curious to hear what has been "fixed" (I'll use that term loosely) and what has yet to be addressed.

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The game is stable-ish. Balance is still a shitshow. DICE is nowhere to be found, and gaming news outlets are starting to finally pick up on the disaster that has been this game's release.

I just can't believe the game's tickrate is 10TPS. 10. Minecraft runs at twice that. What the fuck DICE.

That being said I still enjoy playing the game.

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How much you want to bet EA is going to can DICE and stop producing their games after the lawsuits get dropped (Wouldn't surprise me one bit if this happens)

Good to hear the game is getting better, sad that the BF franchise has become so tarnished due to EA. God the whole company needs to burn IMHO.

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As of late, I have not experienced a single crash.

The only real problems I am experiencing, or at least noticing, are
1. Occasional server join issue
2. Battlelog resetting customization of China Rising weapons if loadout is changed. You HAVE to use in-game customization if you want to keep using China Rising weapons.
3. Occasional bipod glitching where you have to deploy it twice to actually deploy it.
4. Staff Shell still absolutely broken.

For improvements wise, again at least what I notice
1. Instant headshot seems to be gone, as I don't think I have experienced any "thats not right" type of instant death lately.
2. Lot more stable, or completely stable in my case.
3. Map balance is slightly changed for Rush maps. Not sure about conquest.
4(?). Slightly better hit detection. Or it may just be me getting adjusted to the game.
5(?). More experienced players are playing, or nubs got better. But there are also many more nubs newly came due to holiday sales.

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Ante wrote:
I just can't believe the game's tickrate is 10TPS. 10. Minecraft runs at twice that. What the fuck DICE.

That explains some of the instant death with high RPM weapons.

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I watching a friend play today, and his jet just inexplicably exploded. Like, he's high in the air far from any other air vehicles, and just fucking explodes. It was great, we had a good laugh.


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The rash on the Abrams barrel is starting clear up

He still insists he is a virgin though

Yeah right Mr "War Pig"

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I haven't played it much lately due to nobody to play it was fun when we were all playing together though. They seemed to have fixed the crashing for me in the matches I've played, high ticket Locker

idk it just seems shallow to me, a big part of it was unlocking everything and I have pretty much everything unlocked already. Maybe that's just how I feel though. Probably just rage from the useless random teams. Like Storm said sometimes they feel better, but then there's still plenty of useless ones lol.

want to see how my bro's pc would play it online...he got a 660ti now and the single player played fine on ultra. He has the a10 5800k....the athlon 750k that alot of builders were recommending online is the same thing just with no integrated graphics in it. 3.8ghz quad core.

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People have been repairing my tank lately, and dropping ammo boxes to support my SRAW addiction. I even had a guy who kept spawning in the 4th seat of the boat to be my repair bro while firing stingers at choppers. I forgot to favorite that server...

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My buddy bought it for PS4 and it seems pretty good. I've played maybe 30-40 hours over there and haven't seen one crash. Every now and again (mostly when the events are going on) you will get a lot of lag but eventually it evens back out.

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