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[BF4] Finally unlocked all weapons

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1 [BF4] Finally unlocked all weapons on 2014-01-03, 11:33

Order went (iirc)

Sniper Rifle
Assault Rifle
Light Machine Gun
Personal Defense Weapon
Designated Marksman Rifle

I can't remember the order I went with vehicles, but I know I unlocked Tank first and Attack Jet last.

Pistol took unnecessarily long time to unlock near the end, and since I tend to not use pistol all that much it seemed to have taken ages.

Now I will have to work on unlocks for Compact 45 since its going to be my general purpose pistol.

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Kinda crazy you hit max rank before you unlocked everything.

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As I mentioned, I tend to not use pistol all that much.

Did not find myself in situations to use pistol, and I try to avoid it. Its not like the days of BC2 where pistol had quite a good fighting chance against against primaries up to closemids (at least G18 can compete in cqc, but that ammo burn...).

I managed to unlock all infy weapons way before 100 since I rotate primaries quite often, and wasn't really trying either. Again, as mentioned above, pistol has some weird unlock score bump at the end. Not sure how much better Compact 45 is against other secondaries, but I only see minor improvements over M1911. Actually depending on the experience I might go back to M1911 since hip fire is slightly worse and few lacking bullets don't seem to matter that much at the moment so far. Or I might just o back to P226 where I was comfortable spamming it.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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