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{BF4} Custom config file

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1 {BF4} Custom config file on 2014-01-03, 08:29

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2 Re: {BF4} Custom config file on 2014-01-03, 12:34

That is cheating though.

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3 Re: {BF4} Custom config file on 2014-01-03, 19:23

Apparently, at tournament levels, this is the norm (I could be mistaken). Also, from what I gather config file options are limited to what the developer allows in the first place.

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4 Re: {BF4} Custom config file on 2014-01-03, 20:15

Metalzoic wrote:That is cheating though.

not really, there are hard-limits to what you can change.

config files are just 'super-options-screens' in case you want to change things that are not on the options menu (ie games which do not include FoV options or resolution changes in-game for some retarded possibly-swedish reason).

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5 Re: {BF4} Custom config file on 2014-01-03, 21:18

This is pretty much similar to the "low texture trick", which was traditional BF trick to give you advantage by disabling in-game graphics feature. Though, this doesn't affect graphics at all and requires slightly more work.

I just hope this type of stuff doesn't get out of hand that people find way more game impacting tricks.

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