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Easy tool to "unpark" your cpu cores

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interesting. Saw it on the toms forum posted.

I never had any problems in bf4 with the cpu to my knowledge but heard of alot of people online having problems

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I unparked my CPUs recently, due to the rise in stutters I was noticing.

It might just be placebo effect, but it seems reduce the amount of stuttering you experience. And it also increases CPU temp by 5~10C. LoL

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I did this during the beta I think. Not really sure if it helped a lot. Might have bumped my frames up a bit.

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I can confirm that it has positive effects on FONV, where the lag/stutter in opening extremely long list of recipe menu (for crafting) is reduced significantly. But I cannot say for sure for BF4.

Anyway, its at least comforting that it works on something. So I will just assume it has some positive effects on BF4. LoL

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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