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Devil's Third is still in production

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Fuck yeah. That douche Itagaki is still making his game. His last game was incredible, but it was rushed. Hopefully rushing won't be necessary this time.

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What is that?
I followed the link, but all it was 1000 random photos and a lot of words about the WiiU.
I'm guessing Devil's 3rd is a Wii game?

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I'm a retard and provided the wring link. I updated it now.

It's a game by the director of Ninja Gaiden 1/Black and Ninja Gaiden 2, both for Xbox. The only game that ever made me feel that my 360 wasn't a complete waste of time and money. The series went to shit the moment he left Team Ninja, and the abomination known as Ninja Gaiden 3 was made by Hayashi, who also made the lesser Sigma versions of Ninja Gaiden for the PS3.

I can't recall all that much about Devil's Third since not much info has been out anyway, but it's an action game. And the dude is a genius when it comes to action games.

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