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WiiU problems

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1 WiiU problems on 2013-12-22, 06:08

Hey, I have NA WiiU (bought it at an Affaes PX), It's region is set to Canada...can I use US Region Nintendo prepaid cards (I want to download all my games.....!) or not....because US Bestbuy has them online...Canadian doesnt.... so anybody have better googling skillsl then me or know?

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2 Re: WiiU problems on 2013-12-22, 07:09

they are region locked, if you really want something though you could just create a USA account and set the console to USA and it should work.

still need to get me one Razz

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3 Re: WiiU problems on 2013-12-22, 08:38

yeah but... I go back to canada in like....6 months.... so then that account is usless...time to tell me sister back in Canada to buy me a card and send me the code haha

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4 Re: WiiU problems on 2013-12-22, 17:12

The accounts are region locked? Seriously? What the fuck?

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5 Re: WiiU problems on 2013-12-22, 18:53

yea it sounds stupid as hell, if a person were to move they'd be screwed

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6 Re: WiiU problems on 2013-12-22, 21:23

I flippin hate region locked stuff...

One of the reason why my 3DS gets rarely used.

Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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