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Has youtube randomlly been freezing for anybody else? I have the newest adobe flạsh

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for weeks now it seems on my desktop as well as laptop and even old laptop it will randomly on any video just stop. No buffering or anything, just stop. Sometimes multiple times.

I remember a lot of people having problems with it awhile back,something about some new type of html youtube had changed the site to?

Any fixes you guys have found? As usual with problems with YT, any problems in an online search have been intermittent from MONTHS ago >_> sadly

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Probably has something to do with only loading the vid a bit at a time which is fucking annoying

What browser you using because that might be causing problems

The only problem I get it sometimes it fucks up and gos all Glitchy when I switch it to 1080p

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hmm that could be a problem with it switching to hd, and yea I liked the old style how it would load the whole vid at once. I have mine set to whichever is best, and it must be switching it to hd, although on my laptops it still froze and they were on 480p

I haven't tried IE yet (bleh) mostly just because it doesn't have adblock lol, I've become so used to it. But till these problems are sorted out I may have to use IE. I tried it a little earlier on win8 laptop and figuring out how to save a page as a bookmark seemed way harder than it should be

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Use Chrome if Firefox doesnt work

And I do not think it automatically switchs to HD

I think Auto will only put you up to max 480p

Its best just to pick one quality at the start and only use that

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YouTube has been acting weird lately.

Not sure whether its flạsh or the site being the problem.

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I imagine its the site

FFS Youtube I know I always insult them but hire some goddamn web monkeys!

And listen to your bloody users you fuckers!

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Yes this has been happening to me. It's Youtube automatically trying to switch the quality of the video that makes it lock up. Making the video fullscreen "unsticks" it for me.

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Did youtube ever work seamlessly?

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Nope but it has got a damn sight worse

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Its been happening to me, not just on youtube, just flạsh in general, but it seems random.

Figured it was cos my PC sucks ass and they are fully integrating the GPU acceleration, and its buggy as hell. The old beta of flạsh used to crash your whole browser lol

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