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[BF4] Just had my best round by a long shot

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Boy does my back hurt.

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22% Accuracy you Scrubber Ducky?

What were trained on Kamino or something? Very Happy

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spray and prey baby

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I dunno, when I get certain guns my accuracy drops down to 4%.

Scout miniguns chief among them.

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RStudios wrote:spray and prey baby



3.20% is actually really good im just teasing him I usually get around 10% depending on the gun Very Happy

4.Does BF still have that Stat bug which gives Rocket Launchers super accuracy?

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Explosives still have accuracy boost.

And vehicle accuracy still counts as overall accuracy. So if you fly a lot, your accuracy will fall sharply.


Parcus Executor Avis de Minor: Labor Lapsus~
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Jesus almost 20,000

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Hydra I miss you buddy. pley gaem wit me. shooty shooty.

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Ante wrote:Hydra I miss you buddy. pley gaem wit me. shooty shooty.

Yeah sorry I've been kinda busy lately. I'm free right now if you want to play?

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fuuuuuck i JUST got done playing

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Ante wrote:fuuuuuck i JUST got done playing

haha no worries. I'm taking it easy during my christmas break so there should be lots of gaming opportunities.

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