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[BF4] Anyone played since the new patch? How is it?

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I could play myself and find out, but this place is dead so.... POST.

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No. I don't own the game Ante. Thanks for asking though.

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milk y u no get battlefield 4

Seriously, I thought you were going to pick it up for PC?

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My interest in it and gaming in generals has waned significantly over the last couple of months.

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been meaning to play it and see if it's anymore stable for me... played starbound for like 2-3 days and got burned out after fighting the 4th and currently last boss lol

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It's a lot more stable. Latency seems gone. And the SB works finally. At least for the XBO.

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Nope, haven't had the desire to play as of late. Must be the early ass shifts I've been on as of late, haven't had much desire to play anything really.

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Newest hotfix (not Dec 16th patch) fixed more crash related issues, at least it claims to do so.

I have not experienced load time crashes since this hotfix, and it did fix the multi-GPU support. It also somehow reduced loading time slightly.

You also will see significantly less UCAV and SUAV users due to the nerf (or you might not notice since you might not have played during the time), and the base campers are forced to move once again. Seen a guy with over 2500 UCAV kills, that is just sucking in actual combat. Was lulzy.

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