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BF4 hit detection?

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1 BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-18, 20:22

Is anyone else having problems? I've really just started getting into it and it seems to be most frequent with the LMGs, not sure if it's my connection or what. But it seems like my hits randomly stop registering in some fire fights when i've already hit them a few times.

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2 Re: BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-18, 21:00

lrn to sht bettr

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3 Re: BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-18, 21:45

If you have connection issue (whether it be lost packets or high ping) you might be shooting at non-existing target, or you might just be dead by the time you started shooting.

Happens to me quite often, as I play in a lot of US servers nowadays (no decent rush servers in Asia...).

Hit detection in most part seems pretty spot on, especially since you don't get spread increase from being suppressed by others shooting at you.

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4 Re: BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-18, 22:03

Well think i found the problem, according to the PS4 internet speed estimates they seem to fluctuate a lot between 2-7 for both upload/download so i am going to assume it's my connection.

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5 Re: BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-18, 22:13

Its quite likely.

Shooting in Asian server and shooting in US server is night and day different.

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6 Re: BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-18, 22:59

Call your ISP and request "fast path" or basically remove the interleaving error correction. Some will do it some wont, mine does Razz

Dropped my Ping from like 20ms to <5ms on English servers, and from 80-100ms to 30ms on american ones.

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7 Re: BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-19, 14:50

sounds interesting as hell, I've never heard of it before. With my luck it would fuck up my internet though, somebody said you need a stable connection, which windjammer is anything

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8 Re: BF4 hit detection? on 2013-12-19, 20:43

ISPs (rarely, users) have the option to use interleaving of packets to counter the effects of burst noise on the telephone line. An interleaved line has a depth, usually 8 to 64, which describes how many Reed–Solomon codewords are accumulated before they are sent. As they can all be sent together, their forward error correction codes can be made more resilient. Interleaving adds latency as all the packets have to first be gathered (or replaced by empty packets) and they, of course, all take time to transmit. 8 frame interleaving adds 5 ms round-trip-time, while 64 deep interleaving adds 25 ms. Other possible depths are 16 and 32. "Fastpath" connections have an interleaving depth of 1, that is one packet is sent at a time. This has a low latency, usually around 10 ms (interleaving adds to it, this is not greater than interleaved) but it is extremely prone to errors, as any burst of noise can take out the entire packet and so require it all to be retransmitted. Such a burst on a large interleaved packet only blanks part of the packet, it can be recovered from error correction information in the rest of the packet. A "fastpath" connection will result in extremely high latency on a poor line, as each packet will take many retries. wrote:

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