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Dalaran-Wow,World of Warcraft,Best private Server (no joke)

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Hello everyone Smile

Just hope,I didn't disturb anyone by doing this ads,I read all the rules and I don't think i went against them Smile

please do not close this thread :)and come try it,I guarantee you will not be disappointed

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Stick around, have some beer and some chicken wings.

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I tried one of those bootleg wow servers before, I'll have to find the name on my desktop, but anyway, after leveling up the only thing to do was go in the arena, and if you didn't donate to get overpowered armor/weapons,you'd get insta killed by the people who do

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I also dislike the "pay-to-win" feature,meaning you pay real money to get the best items and so long and beat everyone in player versus player and stuff like that

but,here,in dalaran-wow,there isnt none of that,i promise you and there will never put it.if you wish to donate its not for the item but to make the server keep alive,nothing more,nothing less

come try it,it is the most blizz-like retail wow in all the private community,we are young,but we are growing very fast Smile

retail = meaning the real World of Warcraft

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Who is it that's on SEC with the google fiber connection? Fancy a DDoS run with me? I got access to about eitght 1gb servers Razz

Only joking Very Happy

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stay, stay with us.

we need more people to feed to satan talk to.

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stay and talk about boobies with us Very Happy

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well i am staying lol

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it was the boobies that did it i think.

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Nah, it was definitely Adli's homage to the dark Lord.

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