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Ubisoft support, what a joke....

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1 Ubisoft support, what a joke.... on 2013-12-13, 17:20

many others online have had co op problems, but the worst thing is now after updating to the newest patch for Splinter Cell Blacklist, it crashes on the main menu after it says press any button to continue

I call ubisoft and this guy emails me telling him to send this system info and dxdiag to him,so I do, basic stuff saying what cpu and gpu is,etc....and the chump basically tells me my gpu isn't plugged into the motherboard right, or that the game doesn't know which GPU to use out of the 7950 or Even if it did only "see" the intel4000 it would still play

just a joke. BF4's launch is god tier compared to this. I heard it died pretty quickly on console as well

edit: and that's so stupid, any other game works perfectly fine. Fuck uplay

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Fuck uplay, i hate that shit. Just let me play the game i don't want to sign up for that crap.. I don't want to constantly be reminded of it while playing. It makes me not want to play the game to be honest or buy any future games from them.

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I really don't like UPLAY.

And I hate it even more that I have to go through Steam and THEN through UPLAY on all those UPLAY titles...

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