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New Vita redesign out in Japan, wonder when it'll come here, built in memory(FINALLY)

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Got rid of my old one,but when these come here and a good deal comes on one I'll probably hop on it.

also a lesser known fact, maybe only Metal would be interested, but, in Japan (but can be imported) they released a 64gb Vita memory card Razz

Dunno if you get the carts or download more. I dunno what I'd would be a cool balance to have vita and 3ds, they both have some cool games on each. I'm mostly glad they added internal storage, and increased battery life, and charger port is micro usb now.

They say the lcd screen isn't bad, and makes stuff look more natural than the oversaturated old OLED

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Every review on it that I have read said the new screen is terrible.... way lower quality compared to the OLED. It washes out colors and has less overall depth.

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The built in memory is only 1gig. Not enough to use for games, probably just to store some saves. I like the small design changes to the new one, but probably wouldn't pick one up because of the screen.

I've debated importing that 64gig card, but decided to wait until it's released here.

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Damn Tapia you hop on and off consoles more tehn a highschool cheer leader

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