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Fallout 1,2 and Tactics free on (toaster pc could play them)

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i cant log in poop

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yea I think their servers are very stressed right now lol.

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Bouta get this because I lost my FO2 disc. Thanks a bunch Jr

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Have these games aged well? I can get over the graphics obviously, but mechanics wise are the games still fun to actually play?

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Fucking double post AGAIN

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I love GOG. How can they be so awesome man?

I just got mine, and they are even giving a free game per day. It's a random one by clicking one of their boxes, but still, holy shit. Disregard, it's a special offer on a particular game.

Ante, as far as a I know if you are really into RPGs they are fantastic. I don't know how the gameplay is though, but I sure as hell will try them eventually.

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