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Wow that was a really good episode of Arrow (Spoilers for S2E9)

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A Villain and a Hero were created

And Deathstroke is now back in the present

I imagine Soap is happy that Solomon Grundy and flạsh showed up Very Happy

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Duuuuuuuuuude you watch Arrow?! I was losing my shit the ENTIRE EPISODE. Diggle reading the Solomon Grundy poem, then Cyrus actually getting "grundy-fied" after the fight. Then when Slade showed up at the end I just about had a fucking stroke. And THEN the BRILLIANT red herring with Barry's origin. Man this show is TOO good. I can't wait until January. Fuck.

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I javnt seen the episode. But if its not related to the star labs LHC than that's some top notch misdirection.

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Red Herring?

I thought it was the particle accelerator that caused the lightning strike albeit in a roundabout way

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