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i'm at that symphony of the godesses concert right now

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I have the weirdest boner right now....

Fuck I want to play Zelda again so bad

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I hate you with every fiber if my diet

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I <3 you Soap. Oh shiat, Gerudo Valley coming up after the intermission. My heart can't take this much awesome.

But really check some tour dates, shit is fantastic.

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I hope you die

in a fire

after falling from a cliff

after being crapped out by alligators

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Fuck it all, now I want a Wii U even more. And a 3DS. Too bad I'm piss poor right now.

Where do you live Soap? They will be in California soon.

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I treated myself to the Wind Waker WiiU... I love playing windwaker without a good....

Also nintendo club was offering discounts on the symphony tickets.

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Sacred balls of fire, Final Fantasy music too. Distant Worlds is coming this next March.

I'm starting to really like this city. Going to the Nutcracker in about 2 weeks, too.

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Ill give you a nutcracker

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I love it when you act slutty Embarassed

By the way Lemon, how's that Wii U Wind Waker? I never played it, so I've been tempted to get the WW HD edition console when I stop being a poor bastard. I mean, compared to other Zelda games.

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It was my favourite when I was growing up.... but when it released people hated it due to the drastic change in graphics style...but now it is revered as a majority of peoples favourite (I think thats why it got remade...along with OoT).

So far I really like it... especially the off screen play... I like being able to just lay down in bed and play without the bright light of my tv.

Also the function where the game is on the tv and you can quick swap with the gamepad your items and also have the map always up is pretty awesome....

Overall I am not disappointed... I enjoy it (part nostalgia part awesome)

Also I grabbed Super Mario 3D World....pretty fucking fun... I am gonna buy more mario games .... muahaha.

(I love the Wind Waker edition gamepad by the

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I didn't know you could just play using the gamepad, that's awesome as hell....I'll prob get one...I'd rather have one than a ps4/xb1 right now

Does stuff eat up alot of memory? I kept hearing on gfaqs people had to get external hdds but probably were downloading stuff..I'd just get the disc.

Wanted to get Zombie-U

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mine has 32gb hard drive wind waker is 1.78gb .... Nintendoland is 2.57 aparently and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed is apparently 5.67gb.... and then Triple A games are alot bigger...but you can use external hardrives (going to use my 1TB seagate external ... once I get all the party games installed on the console) ... so yeah unlike PS4 and Xbox One external is allowed. Also Off-TV play is for most games not ... but for example AC IV, Splinter Cell, Dues Ex, Batman Arkham Origins those for example support OFF-TV Play.

I still want a bunch of games...I will wait for to have sales on boxing day (they accept paypal now)

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