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Sidewinder x4 (red backlit) any good for keyboard? ~$50-60

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idk if I really want mechanical, but finally want something better than this 10 dollar logitech k120 lol.

either between the Microsoft sidewinder x4 or Logitech g105, or possible MW3 green backlit leftover keyboards


or there's this logitech one that can change colors

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That's what I have and I'm happy with it...granted mine doesn't get a whole lot of gaming use though.

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CM Storm Quickfire...seriously man. They're awesome.

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I love my sidewinder, but I have never used a mechanical keyboard so I dont have much to compare it to.

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Am I the only one among SeC PC guru that use non-mechanical keyboard? LoL

I use G19, and think the LCD screen is mighty handy in lots of things.

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for what it's worth I really like how the microsoft sidewinder x4 has a 3 year warranty when pretty much everything else is only 1 year

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