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which ps4 game should I get?

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1 which ps4 game should I get? on 2013-12-07, 20:05

I'm split between BF4 and Killzone at the moment. I can only get one until christmas, or at lease the next pay period. I know you guys are hating bf4 currently, but it still looks fun when everything is working. Likewise, who all has Killzone? I haven't heard too much on this.

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2 Re: which ps4 game should I get? on 2013-12-08, 13:20

I have Killzone. I have only played it enough to say that I didn't like it enough to play more than the 1st level of SP and 2 matches of MP then I took it out and I haven't put it back in since. In fact you have inspired me to trade it in today so I don't ever have to look at it again... or maybe I'll give it another shot.

BF4 even with it's issues is still several times the game that KZ is. They also updated the game and servers over the past few days so it is definitely running a bit better and there is another patch soon inbound to fix some other issues as well.

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3 Re: which ps4 game should I get? on 2013-12-08, 21:52

I'd get bf4, I actually heard killzone is pretty bleh

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4 Re: which ps4 game should I get? on 2013-12-08, 22:34

bf4 hands down.

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5 Re: which ps4 game should I get? on 2013-12-09, 00:57

Picked up BF4, was not disappointed. I can always wait for christmas for KZ and the other not-so-important games I want.

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