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[BF4] China Rising maps in rush mode

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I played all of the new maps in rush mode (didn't see all bases yet) and they seem pretty "interesting". I would not say at the moment whether they are great or horrible, but they are very "interesting" to be the least.

If you are a tanker, you might want to consider switching to Sabot as the ranges that you might be shooting are quite extreme. I've been rolling HE shell almost exclusively, but it just does not cut it with new maps (one map doesn't have vehicles, so it does not apply). Also, watch out for jihad dirt bikes... They are EVERYWHERE. All those darn Recon and Support guys getting on to fast spawning dirt bikes and trying to jihad you in all direction can become very troublesome to you as a tanker.

Two of the maps feature darker environment, so if you have any weapon with IRNV or FLIR, you might want to pull it out.

Also, one map (I think Altai Range) seems sniper haven, but its actually only good if you are any decent at sniping. Have seen bunch of not-so-good snipers trying to do something and not being able to contribute at all.

Lastly, rush map FINALLY got a jet (attack jet) and now I regret all those time spent in air superiority mode trying to get the UCAV. Although, you do have to fight against enemy attack jet, which can result in both of you not doing anything the entire round, but if there is someone helping, things might be a little different. Have not seen many people, if at all (at least in MY TEAM), using anti-air rockets to help out friendly pilot dog fighting, but this may change once they realize having a decent pilot wrecking havoc (or at the very least harassment) on enemy team will result in easier victory.

I'll either praise or rant about the new maps as I get more playtime out of them.

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"Interesting" is what I tell people when they ask my opinion on something they're showing me. I don't flat out hate it, but I'm not loving it either.

Friend: "Hey Jonathan, how does this outfit look on me?"

Me: "It's... interesting..."

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As mentioned above, I have not played the maps enough to give it yay or nay.

But my version of "interesting" usually leans towards positive side, rather than it being negative or neutral.

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